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How We Do Dry January

What is Dry January, anyway?

Dry January is a one-month challenge to go alcohol-free, launched in 2012 by a British charity called Alcohol Change UK. (They’ve launched a number of resources to help people stay on track, including an app called Try Dry.)

The idea is for participants to abstain from drinking alcohol for one month, with the goal of helping them see the potential benefits of cutting out booze. (Their shortlist: More money, better physical and mental health, and a sense of overall control over their well-being.)

The long-term goal of the campaign: To encourage drinkers to formulate a more balanced relationship with alcohol.

At Acid League, we’re big supporters of Dry January—and of anyone who decides to give it a shot, whatever the reason.

But around here, we like to refer to the first month of the year as “Dry-Ish January”.

OK, so what's "Dry-Ish January?"

Since we started making Proxies in late 2020, we’ve found there are as many reasons for people to reach for a wine alternative as there are people.

Some folks have dealt with problem drinking, or they’ve had people close to them struggle with alcohol dependency. Some cut back on (or eliminated) alcohol because it triggers allergies or unrelated health issues, or to better embrace what they view as a healthier lifestyle. Some don’t like the way alcohol makes them feel, or they’d rather spend their cash elsewhere. Some don’t drink for religious or cultural reasons.

And then, there are a lot of people who still enjoy a glass of wine—but they’re also adventurous diners and drinkers who love food, love flavor, and are always willing to try something new.

We embrace all of those folks (and many, many others) at Acid League, and we aim to give drinkers and non-drinkers alike the same layered, nuanced, flavor-forward experience.

Our goal: To prove that you don’t necessarily need alcohol to uncork something that feels luxurious and refined, swish something delicious in a beautiful glass, inhale a glorious bouquet, or sip on a drink that makes your favourite meal sing.

If you still drink this month, that’s cool by us—but we hope you’ll take this opportunity to check out some new alternatives to your fave cocktail, brew or glass of wine. Pick up a four-pack or a tasting set of Proxies—or join the Proxies Club and get new blends shipped to you each month.

You might walk away with a new lease on life—or just a new favorite drink.

No matter what brought you to us, we’re raising a glass to you.

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