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5 Reasons Why Proxies is a Chef-Approved Non-alc Wine Alternative.

Cut back on drinking, not flavor with Proxies. Endorsed by top chefs and sommeliers like André Hueston Mack, Sean Brock, and Dominique Crenn.

Reason #1

No Flavor Sacrifice

Traditional de-alcoholized wine takes already-mediocre wine and makes it worse by stripping out the alcohol. Proxies take an entirely new approach, starting from the ground up to properly serve the wine occasion. The ideal blend of fruit, acidity, body, and spice.

Reason #2

Great Ingredients, Great Taste

Every bottle starts with high-quality real ingredients — varietal wine grapes sourced from European vineyards, premium teas from across the globe, perfectly ripe fruits, whole spices, and more. Each ingredient is carefully sourced and prepared specifically to extract the best possible flavor before being blended together into one cohesive, complex drink.

Reason #3

Designed to Pair

Served at top restaurants like The French Laundry, Joe Beef, and Atelier Crenn, Proxies are blended to taste by a trained winemaker to make sure they enhance your food, often even better than alcoholic wine can. Alcohol is always going to intensify spice, for example, so instead of a bottle of Riesling with your Thai takeout, try something with texture, balance, and no alcohol. Not wine, Proxies.

Reason #4

All the Complexity, None of the Alcohol

Swirl, sniff, and sip away. Proxies are aromatic, complex, and always interesting. They can take your mind off a tough day, act as a conversation starter at the table, and are just plain fun to drink. Dealcoholized wine is a pale imitation: flat, one-note, and just plain boring.

Reason #5

Cut Back for Good

If your non-alc wine doesn’t taste good and doesn’t fit the occasion, you’re never going to stick with it. Proxies are designed by a team of wine experts and fans who wanted something to drink when they weren’t drinking. Because there’s no compromise on flavor, you can cut back confidently and consistently.

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The New Tasting Set

Built based on feedback from chefs, sommeliers, and all our 300K+ customers, we created four Proxies that span the flavor spectrum.

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"When I find myself wanting the ritual of pouring a cold beverage into fancy stemware, I turn to Proxies."

"Just as special as wine."

“My social life has been reawakened with every pour.”

“The flavor, body, and acidity of today’s trendiest wines.”

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