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Hangover-Free Gifts

Gifting can be stressful. Make it easy with our curated collection of bestsellers and pre-made gift packs. Follow the lead of top somms and chefs by giving the gift of no hangovers: Not wine, Proxies.

"When I find myself wanting the ritual of pouring a cold beverage into fancy stemware, I turn to Proxies."

"My social life has been reawakend with every pour."

"The flavor, body, and acidity of today's trendiest wines."

"Just as special as wine."

We’re popping the cork on our most anticipated release yet. Sparkling!

Want acess to this exclusive pack? Join the Proxies Club. Every single month we send you three limited edition Proxies available to club members only.

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300,000+ Bottles Sold Avg 4.5+ Star Reviews

"Truly obsessed. Joined the Proxies Club immediately after getting the tasting set."

— Shannon V

"The best non-alcoholic choice so far. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I grabbed a Tasting Set, but I'm so glad I did."
— Pat D.

"Definitely not wine...better! Stunning variety: all of the flavors were interesting and enjoyable."
— Chelsea L.

"Fantastic! Love my Proxies!!!!! Wanted to cut down on wine and now these are my only go to!
— Laurie W.

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What Are Proxies?

Proxies are a new form of wine alternative that reaches way beyond the vineyard. Not dealcoholized wine, but layered blends of wine grapes, fruit, teas, spices and more— designed to pair with food and sip from your finest stemware. Learn more here.

What Is The Proxies Club?

The Proxies Club is our signature subscription box. Every single month we send you 3 limited edition Proxies that are available to Club members only. Featuring collaborations with world-renowned chefs and sommeliers. Shop our most recent drop here

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