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"When I find myself wanting the ritual of pouring a cold beverage into fancy stemware, I turn to Proxies."

"My social life has been reawakend with every pour."

"The flavor, body, and acidity of today's trendiest wines."

"Just as special as wine."

Approved by top chefs and sommeliers

"Dynamic flavors, layered textures, and stunning nuances"

— André Hueston Mack.

Sommelier, Winemaker, Bon Appétit World of Wine Host.

"I was blown away by the layers of flavor and complexity"

— Dominique Crenn

Iron Chef, 3 Michelin Stars, James Beard Award-Winner

"Thoughtful, enjoyable, and frankly, more grown-up"

— Miguel de Leon

Michelin Sommelier of the Year, James Beard Award-Winner

300,000+ Bottles Sold Avg 4.5+ Star Reviews

"Truly obsessed. I loved the Bestseller Set and built my own box the second time around!"

— Shannon V

"The best non-alcoholic choice so far. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I grabbed Proxies, but I'm so glad I did."
— Pat D.

"Definitely not wine...better! Stunning variety: all of the flavors were interesting and enjoyable."
— Chelsea L.

"Fantastic! Love my Proxies!!!!! Wanted to cut down on wine and now these are my only go to!
— Laurie W.

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🎁 Free Shipping Over $100 USA - $125 CAN

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