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Why is Most Non-Alcoholic Wine So Bad?

Our Top Three Reasons + How Proxies Are Different

We were tired of drinking flavored seltzer with weeknight dinners, but every non-alc wine we tried tasted like thin, yeasty grape juice—that’s why we make Proxies differently from anything else on the market. To help you unwind and make meals more delicious at once.

Reason #1

Bad wine, made worse.

Traditional de-alcoholized wine takes already-mediocre bulk wine and makes it worse by stripping out the alcohol, leaving you with oddly yeasty, watery grape juice. Proxies take an entirely new approach, starting from the ground up to properly serve the wine occasion with all the characteristics that make wine so special: The ideal blend of fruit, acidity, body, and spice.

Reason #2

Added sugar.

To try to save flat-tasting dealcoholized wine, most producers add sugar and even fake fruit flavors. By contrast, Proxies never have added sugar and are built to be balanced and complex with a blend of varietal wine grapes, real fruits, premium teas, and spices.

Reason #3

They're all made in the same factories.

No matter the brand name, almost all de-alcoholized wine comes from just a handful of factories. Bulk wine comes in, alcohol gets stripped out, sugar is added, and the result is bottled in a variety of differently labeled bottles. Not exactly a romantic winemaking story—and very different from Proxies which are always unique and made with top-quality ingredients.

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"When I find myself wanting the ritual of pouring a cold beverage into fancy stemware, I turn to Proxies."

"Just as special as wine."

“My social life has been reawakened with every pour.”

“The flavor, body, and acidity of today’s trendiest wines.”

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Paired with a special meal or poured solo, enjoyed at a party or on a cozy night in — Proxies go perfectly with just about any occasion.

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