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Acid League Holiday Gift Guide

Give a gift that’s always in good taste. From vinegars and pantry products to Proxies and Living Tonics, we’ve got something for everyone on your list.

Host with the Most

Classic Connoisseur

The Cook Who Has Everything

Holiday Obsessed

The Naturalist

The Health Nut

Speed Demon

Gifts for people who love wine but are trying non-alcoholic

The Host with the Most

Birthdays, board game nights, parties with incredibly niche themes—their gatherings are inevitably over the top and always the stuff of legend. The person most likely to ask you, with a completely straight face, if 14 kinds of hors d'oeuvres is enough for five people.

GIFT PICK: A sampler pack of Proxies to bust out at their next big affair—because asking their non-drinking guests to be content with soda simply will not do.

Gifts for classic connoisseurs

The Classic Connoisseur

They only ever go to the same three restaurants and haven’t bought a new sweater since 1996. An old dog entirely uninterested in learning new tricks.

GIFT PICK: Our Smoked Malt Living Vinegar offers deeper, more flavorful takes on the same flavors you know and love.

Gifts for the cook who has everything

The Cook who has Everything

Air fryer? Sous vide machine? Avocado de-pitter? You’d get them a kitchen gadget, but they’ve probably already got everything they could conceivably need.

GIFT PICK: The New Essentials Kit, featuring our Saffron Gold and All The Alliums sauces—two products that literally don’t exist anywhere else. To spur further flavor experimentation, there’s also two vinegars—bright Rare Citrus and rich Vermouth Rosso—plus our caramelized fish sauce.

Holiday gifts for the sober and non-alcoholic in your life

The Holiday Obsessed

That friend who’s actually psyched when the stores put up their decorations on November 1. They haven’t gotten sick of hearing All I Want For Christmas Is You yet, and they’re not about to get sick of it now.

GIFT PICK: Our Holiday Proxies 3-pack offers brand-new festive Proxies blends inspired by the holidays, featuring notes of dried fruit, baking spices, cranberry and blood orange.

Gifts for your favourite wholefoods foodie

The Naturalist

They’ve got a backyard that rivals a national park, grow Buick-sized zucchini, and have never met a substance they couldn’t compost.

GIFT PICK: Garden Heat Living Vinegar—made with celery, tomato, carrot and jalapeno—is a punchy, perfect match for garden-fresh produce.

Gifts for the health nut in your life

The Health Nut

This person lives in top-of-the-line workout leggings and talks about their Fitbit like it’s gained sentience. Odds of owning a product that has been featured on Goop: Significant.

GIFT PICK: A set of our Vanilla Manuka Honey Living Tonics, which combine warm spices like Madagascar vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon with sweetness and health benefits from Mānuka honey for a daily dose of ACV that's anything but routine.

Holiday gifts for the busy professional

The Speed Demon

This person has like five jobs. How do they have so many jobs?

GIFT PICK: Our Ultimate Umami Kit features everything they need to add layered, nuanced flavor to any dish—in all the time it takes to uncap a bottle.

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