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We created Proxies for when you want something to drink but you’re not drinking. By blending wine grapes, fruits, teas, spices, and complex ferments, Proxies go way beyond the grape to capture everything that makes wine a great pairing with food—acidity, body, and tannin—without the alcohol.

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Delicious drinks designed to pair with dinner. Proxies don't necessarily taste like a specific type of wine, but are always inspired by the flavor components that make wine a perfect pairing for food.

Core Components


Both wine and Proxies get their core flavor from fruit. While wine can only rely on grapes, Proxies pull from the whole orchard in addition to wine grapes for extra complexity in each sip.


Tart citrus whets the appetite, crisp verjus brings wine-like acidity, and small doses of carefully crafted infused vinegars bring additional dynamism to the glass.


Sourced from across the globe, the aromatics of spices, roots, and herbs bring terroir, depth, and a lingering finish that shines through through from first sniff to last sip.


Premium teas layered with just the right combination of wine grapes, fruit, verjus, plus a few proprietary tricks create the texture and tannin to match any bottle.

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While wine is a product of grapes, yeast, and time, making Proxies requires considerably more ingredients.

Crafted from scratch.

Most non-alcoholic wine is made stripping the alcohol out and removing all the body, balance, and structure that makes wine such a special beverage. We take an entirely different approach, creating blends from the ground up that truly serve the wine occasion.

Carefully sourced.

Our ingredients include varietal wine grape juices from vineyards in Europe, premium teas from around the world, verjus produced to our specifications by a winery in Ontario’s Niagara valley, and an array of herbs, spices, and aromatic roots.

Designed for pairing.

Each ingredient is prepared individually to extract the best possible flavor and aromatics. Our Proxiesmaker blends each batch into one cohesive, complex drink that we’re proud to call Proxies.


There’s no wrong way to taste Proxies. Our advice is to always keep an open mind and have fun with it. That said, our idea of fun is getting just a little nerdy with it. Picking out flavors, discussing what you’re seeing, smelling, and tasting with friends around the dinner table.

The Five Ss:


Pour your Proxies into your best wine glasses. Now admire how nice your glassware is.


Practice your somm moves. Swirling quickly exposes the liquid to oxygen, bringing forth all the aromatics.


Stick your nose in that fancy glass. You should start to get a hint of the fruits and spices. You’re likely also getting thirsty.


Take a small sip, swirl it around your mouth (again with the swirling!) and let the layers of flavor unfold.


Stop being so fancy and drink your Proxies. This is a dinner party, not a science experiment.

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We’re not going to stop you from drinking Proxies on their own, but alongside a great meal Proxies really shine. We designed Proxies to pair with food because we couldn’t find a good non-alcoholic option for our nights off. But the truth is, Proxies can actually be a better pairing than even great wine.


Friend, collaborator, and star sommelier André Hueston Mack pairs Proxies with some of his favorite dishes.

The Pairings

Sauvage + Seafood Tower

This crisp and herbal white stands up to a seafood tower filled oysters, Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, and jumbo shrimp.

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Pastiche + Tex Mex

Pastiche's fuller body and aromatics work well with spicy fajitas and nachos, or really any dish with gooey melted cheese.

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Zephyr & Rotisserie Chicken

Salty, crispy, and juicy rotisserie chicken meets it match with Zephyr, an exuberant, juicy rosé.

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