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April 2022

Spring is in the air—and in your glass. Our latest release focuses on fresh fruit and fragrant spring herbs in every sip. Spruce, chamomile, lavender, and rosemary plant us in the heart of a budding garden, ready to pop open a bottle of Proxies and picnic in style.


(crisp, herbal)

A longtime Proxies favorite, Sauvage is a new form of flavor rooted firmly in the treasures of our Canadian home soil. Crisp apples mesh with green spruce tips and spicy cedar, blazing a trail through an untouched evergreen grove in the early spring. Sauvage is pure forest terroir in a glass—in short, it’s the perfect picnic pairing.


Fruit: Green Apple, Sauvignon Blanc Grapes

Acidity: Verjus, Apple Vinegar

Spice: Spruce Tips, Cedar, Juniper, Caraway

Body: Bai Jian White Tea


Pair With: Roast Squash, Smoked Trout, Pork Chops, Oysters, Poutine



(lush, floral)

A nose full of juicy apricot bursts out of the glass, complemented by floral chamomile, honeyed dried persimmon, and rich chardonnay grapes sourced from Burgundy. Vibrant verjus brings energy to the lush layers of stone fruit, while a hit of fragrant rosemary lingers in the background. A true seasonal specialty, Mistral is fresh, yet warm—just like a spring breeze.


Fruit: Apricot, Pear, Persimmon, Chardonnay Grapes

Acidity: Verjus, Rosemary Vinegar

Spice: Chamomile, Nutmeg

Body: French Oak, White Tea


Pair With: Butternut Squash Ravioli, Pad Thai, Emmental Cheese, French Toast


Garrigue Bottle


(robust, herbal)

Big and fresh at once, this red is named for the low-lying bushy herbs that cover vineyards across the south of France. Pomegranate and raspberry blend with rich syrah grapes for a robust-yet-fruity base complemented by a hint of floral lavender, cooling licorice, a touch of smoke from lapsang souchong, and a hit of spice on the finish courtesy of black peppercorn.


Fruit: Pomegranate, Blueberry, Syrah Grapes

Acidity: Raspberry Vinegar

Spice: Licorice, Lavender, Gentian, Black Peppercorn

Body: Lapsang Souchong Tea


Pair With: Cassoulet, Roasted Eggplant, Beef Carpaccio, Spring Salad, Black Olives

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