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Dry Jan Done Right

WTF are Proxies? “A wonderful way to stimulate the palate while keeping the mind sharp. I was blown away by the layers of flavor and complexity—all without alcohol!”- Chef Dominique Crenn.

Spring Starter Set

$140.00 $150.00

Bestseller Starter Set

$94.00 $100.00

Proxies x Nomadica Bubbly White 6-Pack


Sparkling Rosé Cans 6-Pack


Red Bestsellers

$88.00 $100.00
One White
One Rosé
Two Red

The New Tasting Set

$88.00 $100.00

Proxies Digital Gift Card (CAD)

From $50.00

Proxies Digital Gift Card (USD)

From $50.00

"When I find myself wanting the ritual of pouring a cold beverage into fancy stemware, I turn to Proxies."

"My social life has been reawakend with every pour."

"The flavor, body, and acidity of today's trendiest wines."

"Just as special as wine."

300,000+ Bottles Sold Avg 4.5+ Star Reviews

"Truly obsessed. Joined the Proxies Club immediately after getting the tasting set."

— Shannon V

"The best non-alcoholic choice so far. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I grabbed a Tasting Set, but I'm so glad I did."
— Pat D.

"Definitely not wine...better! Stunning variety: all of the flavors were interesting and enjoyable."
— Chelsea L.

"Fantastic! Love my Proxies!!!!! Wanted to cut down on wine and now they are my only go to! Each is so unique and flavorful, always a taste surprise!"
— Laurie W.

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