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Acid Test with Meghan Robbins

Meghan Robbins is the Toronto-based chef of Superpoint, a fermentation fanatic, garden whisperer, and just plain cooler person than you. We thought nobody loved citrus and fermentation as much as us, but then we met Meghan.

Read on for Meghan’s thoughts on acidity in cooking, the wonders of fresh bergamot, and her pro tips on harnessing acidity to make your food taste better. 

What does acidity bring to food?

Acidity is flavor, brightness, and tang. Acid brings layers to a dish. It should complement and give depth to the food you're eating even if you can't pinpoint it specifically.

What are some of your favorite ways to feature acidity in your cooking?

I like using acidity to give a dish a bit of a boost. A hint of acid to sort of break up the flavors on your palate. I really like citrus and I also like to geek out over ferments. I like to add acidity to everything from roasted or grilled vegetables, to delicate fish and leafy greens, to sauces and spreads, and to rich and hearty stews or curries. When a dish is raw or light, acid is great to help keep those flavors feeling fresh; when a dish has more weight to it and richness, acid is great to help add some brightness and balance.

Do you have a favorite flavor-tripping memory?

Bergamot was a crazy flavor trip for me. I really like citrus and I always want to eat different types when I come across them. There is something so beautiful about citrus and also just so damn tasty. I ordered some bergamot because I had never had it before and aside from knowing it’s a popular flavor and scent in teas and out of my price point skincare products, I needed to know what it was like on its own. It was so floral smelling—it seemed impossible that it could taste like anything else, however the moment I put a piece in my mouth it was like I got slapped across the face. It was so sour but also so addicting and exciting to taste something new like that. Basically, it was awesome.

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