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Mother’s Day: Buy This, Not That

We hate to say it, but a lot of Mother’s Day gift ideas tend to be a bit basic. (Does she truly need another coffee mug?) We’ve swapped some of those tried-and-true picks with vibrant, flavor-forward gift ideas she’s sure to love.

Big League Kit > Flowers

Our vinegars will add brightness to her life for way longer than the week it’ll take those corner-store carnations to wilt. The Big League Kit packs four of our fave vinegars into one handy box—so she’ll be able to add a burst of flavor to any dish she desires.

Proxies Club bottles & wine

Proxies Club Subscription > Wine

Maybe Mom’s a oenophile looking to cut back (or just hoping to try something new). Hook her up with our latest Proxies—nuanced, multilayered wine alternatives built from the ground up with spices, teas, juices, housemade bitters, and more.

Living Tonics & coffee

Living Tonics > Coffee

Does Mom need a little extra help waking up in the morning? (Same.) Our Living Tonics are an entirely different kind of morning brew: Energizing tonics with active ingredients and a dash of living ACV that go down great added to sparkling water or tea, mixed into juice or smoothies, or consumed solo. (Psst: There’s even a Coffee Chaga Maple flavor.)

New Essentials Kit > Apron

Get the amateur chef in your life the kitchen staple she didn’t know she needed. This multifaceted kit of vinegars and sauces will help her unlock new dimensions in her fave recipes—and maybe even offer inspiration for some new ones.

Proxies & Pairings + chocolate

Proxies + Pairings > Chocolate

Put down the sampler box and walk away. We worked with Brooklyn-based chocolatier Raaka on this choice pairing of their ruby-red Pink Sea Salt bar and a bottle of Velvet Proxies. The kit also comes with a duo of Sauvage and Fishwife’s Atlantic smoked salmon, to cover all your sweet-savory bases.

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