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The Proxies Guide to Dry January: Week 2

We made it. Week two of January is finally here and so is the next installment of the Proxies Guide to Dry(ish) Jan. This week let’s change it up a bit with a little selection of what’s in and out for the week and year ahead whether you’re drinking alcohol or not: 

That’s the short version, but how do we make it happen? 

For tinned fish Tuesdays, grab something from our friends at Fishwife or Scout (or countless old-school Portuguese and Spanish producers), pop the tin, grab some bread or crackers, open a bottle of Blanc Slate and call it a day. Or if you feel like some light cooking, make some onigiri, throw together a fancy Nicoise (pro tip: forget salad, a Nicoise sandwich is definitely in for 2024), toss tuna into a simple aglio e olio pasta—the world is your tinned oyster.

Make your workdays better with a morning or mid-day workout (also a lot easier if you haven’t had alcohol the night before!) and treat yourself with some “wine” to spice up that desk lunch. Our newly-returned cans are ideal for this!

Like last week, I’m recommending going out for a meal—but this time sit at the bar. Maybe even visit a wine bar, even if you’re doing Dry January, many like Webster’s, Bar Bandini, Coast & Valley, and Compagnie carry great non-alc options—Proxies and beyond. 

Finally, wind down on the weekend with some new entertainment. Start that new show you’ve been wanting to watch—for me that’s Drops of God (yes, a wine show)—, check out some new music, or finally open that book sitting on your nightstand. Preferably with a glass of Red Ember to help keep you warm.

Hope you have a great week, see you next time with some big news!

Proxies President and Co-Founder

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