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The Proxies Guide to Dry January: Week 3

It’s halfway through Dry January, so how are we all feeling? So far, I’ve definitely cut back on alcohol but have also had a couple of drinks along the way. If you’re more in my camp of a dryish or damp January, just know that you’re not alone. That said, if you’re going to drink alcohol this month let’s make it worthwhile. For me, that means opening a bottle from our friends at Division Winemaking. Their textural, savory wines always remind me of the characteristics we try to bring to Proxies—layers of flavor, tannin, texture, acidity, and above all the ability to pair with food—and inspire me to keep pushing boundaries with our blends. If you’re not drinking, try a glass of Cluster, our collab with Division, or Gold Crush, our new sparkling that drew inspiration from some of our favorite elements of Cluster and Pétanque. I promise you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

And speaking of amazing winemaker collabs, this week we’re marking the midway point of Dry Jan by bringing back perhaps our most popular collaboration with one special somm, restaurateur, and winemaker. Stay tuned for more on this return, but you might want to pick up a Big ‘Mac (or preferably a better burger but bear with my silly clues) to pair with this Oregon-inspired red. Wordplay aside, the key for week three of Dry Jan is to just take it easy on yourself—eat a greasy burger but pair it with some nice stemware and something delicious. Scroll through Instagram instead of reading that long article you’ve had open in a tab forever and don’t beat yourself up over it. Go for a walk with a friend and count that as your workout resolution. Stay dry, or make it dryish—whatever works best for you. 

Good long-term habits are often ones that allow for some flexibility, so I’m just trying to stay mindful, be true to myself, and take on the second half of the month with a fresh burst of energy and some fresh sips coming soon.

Proxies President and Co-Founder

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