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In May 2022, we popped up all over the city in a big way. See what happened when the Big Apple met the future of zero-proof ->


A Quick Round With Miguel de Leon

Miguel de Leon is a fascinating figure in the world of wine (and zero-proof drinks, too).  A sommelier and writer, he’s been equally lauded for his curatorial work—most recently at...

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Dry January

You don’t necessarily need alcohol to uncork something that feels luxurious and refined, or to swish something delicious in a beautiful glass.

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2021 in Review

Just one year ago, we released our first Proxies into the world. We’ve hardly had a chance to sit down and enjoy a glass since. For our first three Proxies, we...

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Original Citrus

Nearly every single type of citrus fruit—from lemons and limes to grapefruits and oranges—is actually a hybrid, with hundreds of varieties descending from just three species.

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Yash Raghuvanshi

Meet our Beverage Developer, whose main focus is working on three new blends for our Proxies Club every single month.

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What is Mahleb?

Mahleb adds an incomparably-intriguing flavor to Cassia, one of our limited edition Proxies Club bottlings.

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What's a Garrigue?

If you’ve been reading about French wine, you may have encountered the term “garrigue”, and you may be wondering: qu’est-ce que c’est?

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